Pre Christmas Menu

Pre Christmas Menu




Calamari alla Provençiale
Calamari rings cooked in garlic, olive oil, white wine and tomato sauce

Prosciutto e Melone
Fresh melon topped with 12 month cured Italian Parma ham

Funghi Farciti
Breaded mushrooms filled with liver pâté, deep fried, served with garlic mayo and salad garnish

Deep fried brie coated in breadcrumbs, served with salad garnish and cranberry sauce

Antipasti Italiano
Selection of sliced cured meats, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and bread


Tacchino Arrosto
Turkey breast with sage and onion stuffing served in rich gravy with all the trimmings

Pollo Gallo D’Oro
Pan fried chicken breast with prawns in a creamy mustard sauce topped with King prawns

Bistecca Grigliato
Chalk grilled sirloin steak served with grilled tomato and oilve oil drizzle

Salmone e Asparagi
Pan fried salmon fillet topped with cream, tomato and asparagus sauce

Penne Vegetariana
Penne pasta, onion, courgettes, mushrooms, peas and garlic in a tomato sauce


A Selection of Desserts